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Details... Details  came to be from personal experience.   I owned a business, ran a household, volunteered and, of course, wanted to also have some down time.   There never seemed to be enough time to do it all!  

 Listening to friends also talking about the same issues, along with aging parents or simply lamenting that they just would like to hand off their to do list to someone so they could just sit down and enjoy a good book gave birth to Details, Details LLC. 

We can help you organize your time so that you have the opportunity to enjoy a sunny day,  pursue a hobby, volunteer your time to help others, whatever it is you dream of doing if you had just a little more time. 

Our variety of services, from house cleaning to home organization to errands are all part of our promise to insure no matter what the need, Details...Details will insure that you can check it off your to do list!   Live your life to it's fullest .... leave the details to us!

Give us a call and we'll talk about how Details... Details LLC can assist you!

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Guest Room - Do you have a room that's become a catch all ?  Below are before and after pictures of a recent organizing project.  We reclaimed the space, either discarding or selling unused items for the client on ebay and Craig's List.  As you can see  the room is now a lovely guest rooom /den.
Our clients had an unfinished closet in their NYC loft that they asked Details Details to design,  hire and over see contractors and then organize into a functional and aesthetically pleasing space.  We designed the built ins, had the floor, walls and ceilings finished and cleared out all their unused items to create this beautiful and organized space.

Full vew before

Full view after

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